Q: Are there any issues (customs) that can arise when sending your product over the mail?

A: We have not encountered any issues so far, we sent hundreds of our products locally (Canada) and internationally. Our parcels are declared as plastic collectible items.

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Currently, we shipped hundreds of our products internationally to countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Sweden and Spain. We are planning to expand to more countries soon, but we will avoid countries with unreliable postal services.

Q: What is the legal status of plastic knuckle dusters in Canada?

A: Please search for "plastic knuckles" on this webpage from Canada Border Services Agency:

Q: Is it safe for me to own your product in my country (other than Canada)?

A: It is buyer's responsibility to be familiar and up to date with the local laws regarding plastic knuckle dusters.

Q: How reliable/durable are your knuckle dusters?

A: Our knuckle dusters are plastic, so the durability cannot be compared to their metal counterpart. We use composite multi layer plastic construction to improve the durability, and some models are less durable (and cheaper) than others.

Q: What is your shipping policy, and can I track my package?

A: We use the least expensive letter mail shipping method in order for us to stay competitive on the market. We provide shipping upgrades (tracking) only if 3 or more items are ordered. (U.S.A or Canada only). U.K and other over seas customers can have their packages tracked only if 10 or more items are ordered.

Q: How do I select my size?

A: Please refer to this sizing chart and instructions:

Q: What is your return or exchange policy?

A: We do not have a return or exchange option due to high shipping costs.

Q: What to do if I haven't received my package?

A: Please allow up to 2 weeks for Canada, U.S.A and U.K. If you are located in Australia please wait up to 3 weeks before letting us know.

Q: I'd like to suggest an idea or want a custom knuckle duster.

A: Our custom order service is subject to an extra charge due to design and processing work. If you have an idea that is free of copyright and is marketable, let us know and we will be happy to add it to our store in the near future.

Please email us any questions or inquiries at